Wednesday, March 11, 2020

San Francisco to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia...?

   POINT RICHMOND, California - Spring brings out the maps, calendars and dreams of summer travel.
      And after several summers of criss-crossing the U.S. from San Francisco to New England, Adm. Fox and I are considering pushing the envelope a little further (or is it farther?).
     That further - or farther - is Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, a camping/touristing paradise by all accounts.
     It does mean a drive of more than 4,000 miles - each way. But the mighty Toyota Tundra still has less than 200,000 miles on it. And The Red Writer trailer is now rejiggered and ready for Canadian wilds.
    Note that in paragraph two above the operant word is 'considering.' Given how crazy things are getting with the coronavirus (and life in general), it's hard to make solid plans until we get closer to May when we would begin a trip.
     And that 4,000 miles? Well, add a 1,000 or two miles more because on the way to Cape Breton, we have plans to stop in Portland, WA, extreme Northern Michigan, and various Finger Lakes and upstate NY locales on the way.
     Just yesterday, R. Biscuit Fitzfox, Assistant Navigator and Morale Officer was cleared for limited duty by his doctor after his broken leg episodes. By May Biscuit should be certified 100 percent fit for travel, we hope. 
     Below are some of the sights he'll be taking in with us.

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