Friday, April 24, 2020

Plotting escape for when the storm door closes

   POINT RICHMOND, Calif. - It's gotten to be a very familiar question from friends and neighbors.
     So, um, when are you leaving on your trip north and east?
     The answer is equally familiar.
     The minute we can. The minute we can.
     But when that minute will arrive all depends on when shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted and it seems safe to travel.
     Exactly when that safe-to-travel time will come is a topic of much conversation at our house - and everywhere in the nation, of course. I know, I have been reading and writing about the coronavirus, infection rates, flattening curves and how efficient protective masks are against COVID-19 almost endlessly for at least the last month.
     But eventually - we hope - the virus storm door will close and we can safely head out.
     So yesterday Admiral Fox, Biscuit and I pulled The Red Writer out of storage a mile away and brought it home to clean it up, stock it up and test the systems for quick getaway.
     There's a couple of days worth of things to do - along with pondering routes to take.
    When we're done, we will be ready to be On The Road Again - Play It Willie!

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