Friday, August 31, 2018

Tune suggestions for 'on-the-road' music list

   ASHLAND, Nebraska - The playlist for the next leg of the Red Writer's continued journey west seems incomplete with just 12 songs culled from my iPhone music library. Tomorrow the goal is to make it to the town of Ogallala, Nebraska home to one of the best Mexican restaurants ever.
     But after Nebraska, spotty FM (and AM) radio reception becomes the norm, especially given my boon-docking plans in Colorado.
     So far the list includes:

On The Road Again
Ballad of Thunder Road
Hot Rod Lincoln
Catch Us If You Can
Born To Be Wild
I Get Around
Leaving On a Jet Plane
Six Days On the Road
Ramblin' Man
Wagon Wheel
See You In September

     That last song goes out dedicated to Admiral Sylvia Fox, of course. I am on my way! Honest!
     Any suggestions for songs that will help me put the hammer down on the next 1,700 miles to touchdown in Point Richmond?

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