Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Homeward bound - when the rain stops anyway

Today's storm
   GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado - The final few days of The Red Writer's trek from New York to Point Richmond got stalled this morning by a series of thunderstorms that have been pouring down impressive loads of rain.
     When you are sitting 10 feet from the rushing Colorado River, heavy rains are not particularly welcome or reassuring.
     But the forecast is for the storms to end in an hour or two, at which time the next port of call down Interstate 70 will be Green River State Park, a cool little spot I have wanted to check out for the last two years.
     The Glenwood Canyon Resort - where The Red Writer has been parked for two days - is a class A joint with good facilities and breathtaking campsites right along the river.
     Adm. Fox and I have stayed here several times. It's always enjoyable - more so in a trailer than tent camping.

     On our first visit here, we pitched a tent by the river.
     Unfortunately the restrooms and showers were on the road just above us, 60 steep steps above us. Making that trek in the middle of night, knowing there might be bears about, wasn't that much fun.
     Getting here on Labor Day was good timing. The resort was emptying out like baseball fans trying to avoid the traffic jam at a stadium parking lot.
     But it also meant that one of my favorite hangouts here - The No Name Bar - was closed. Apparently the staff had had quite enough after a long few weeks and Labor Day weekend crowds.
No service at the No Name Bar
     It sounds like the rain is slowing down, just small buckets now, time to check the radar again.
     By the way, in that radar shot above, I believe the pink-tinged images show snow at the higher elevations.
     Definitely time to get down the mountain.

Before the rains...


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