Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Idyllic dinner, smooth travels then a tornado watch

     DUNCANSVILLE, PA  - So what is it with The Red Writer and tornadoes?
     A thunderstorm and rain, sure! It's the East Coast, it's summer. It rains. Often buckets.
     But before landing safely here this afternoon The Red Writer was huddled under a freeway (in the company of a half a dozen cars) seeking shelter from lashing rains, lightning and thunder and a repeated "storm shield" announcement of possible tornadoes.
The Red Hen in downtown Lexington
     None materialized (Gracias, Dios!) and the Duncansville RV park had a nice spot waiting when I arrived.
     I turned down a opportunity to play Texas Hold'em with a group that gets together every night. I burned up my luck driving blindly off the freeway to get out of the rainstorm.
     The day dawned beautiful outside Lexington, VA where I had a hillside campsite overlooking the truck stop. Scenic? Hardly. But it was 5 miles to the center of Lexington where I spent one entire day and evening soaking up the place.
     It has two colleges (Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee) so much history it's overwhelming, cool little shops and stores. And food! Great food. Gawd.
     My dinner at the infamous Red Hen was one of the best restaurant meals I have ever had. It's the place where White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave by the owner without Ms. Sanders being served so much as a breadstick.
     I didn't get to meet the owner - she keeps a very low profile. But I did give her staff a copy of The Devil's Pipeline with the inscription to her: "Resistance is Never Futile. Thanks for taking a stand for truth and decency."
     Weather permitting, I'll mosey another 100 or so miles closer to Seneca Lake tomorrow, staying somewhere in this fracked state of Pennsylvania.
     Any chance of tornadoes again and I'm sticking here at this RV park. Maybe play a few hands of cards tomorrow night.

The Red Writer's scenic overlook campsite near Lexington

Downtown Lexington historic hotel

Stonewall Jackson's garden

An older sister to The Red Writer... built in 2008...

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