Thursday, June 7, 2018

A soft landing in Fallon, NV - except for the beds

   FALLON, Nevada - The drive piloting The Red Writer from Sacramento was remarkable. You see a so much more going 60 mph - or slower. My new driving glasses might be part of the reason, too.
     The slo-mo trek also yielded 13.5 mpg on the leg from Sacramento to Applegate (CA) and 14.5 from there to Fallon. And gas prices? $3.19 in Nevada.
     After one quite long-in-the-tooth RV park turned us away because they only rent by the month, we soldiered on another 20 miles where we found a nice park with cable TV, ice cold Corona beer and clean rest rooms and showers.
Home sweet home in Fallon...
     We got set up quickly, a good thing because a wind storm roared through at cocktail hour, spreading dust and cottonwood debris in every direction. But the cable TV gave us a chance to watch the Golden State Warrior's win.
     It was all going along swimmingly, as the British sometimes say, until we crawled into the bed to sleep.
     Our two previous overnights had prepared us for less-than-first-class comfort while sleeping. But most likely our sore backs this morning were more sore when we looked ahead to three weeks of overnights on thin inflatable mattresses.
     At our next stop - possibly Ely, Nevada - my knife is already sharpened to cut up some foam.
     Adm. Fox probably will no doubt have a lot more to say on the lumpy-bed topic on her travelblog about the trip: Never Too Old...
     Check it out...

No lack of things to buy...

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