Monday, June 11, 2018

Meeting a real hero and spotting a real Dog

   GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado - Our overnight in the Glenwood Canyon Resort, about 10 feet from the Colorado River, was as hospitably cool as Moab was hot.
     We even needed blankets. Imagine.
Eric Thompson - also know as E.T.
     And in the early part of the morning, Admiral Fox and I had a conversation with a fellow named Eric Thompson - who goes by the sobriquet E.T. He is disabled a fellow who pilots and builds the most amazing equipment to give persons with challenges access to whitewater rafting and other adventures.
     He will be part of an upcoming Finger Lakes Times column - and perhaps even a magazine piece someday soon.
     E.T. is traveling here and there all around the nation spreading the good word about accessibility and giving demonstrations. Check out his Facebook website HERE.
    The guy is a real hero.
 After lunch, while Admiral Fox and I were standing on the sidewalk outside the Slope and Hatch restaurant, (great tacos!) we saw a fellow move quickly out of an SUV and duck into a doorway.
     He looked vaguely familiar with a wild mane of bleached blonde hair. But he  at least a decade older than the photo of him posted below.
     The two young women we were chatting with said yes, it was in fact Duane Chapman, the star of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
     When one of the women with us tried to grab a cell phone photo of him walking in, Dog's guard dog female friend started shouting "No photos, show some respect."
     Honestly. She said that:  "Show some respect."

The Dog from a few years ago
  That left me speechless momentarily. Then I said, "Hey! We're journalists..." But by then the Dog's dog was already piling into the SUV to move it.
     Yup, she had parked illegally.
     We haven't set a departure day from Glenwood Springs yet for The Red Writer trailer. Too nice a place, too much to explore.
     And who knows? If Dog the Bounty Hunter hangs his handcuffs here, who else might we run into?
     Besides E.T., of course, the real hero we met this morning.

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