Friday, June 15, 2018

The pressing need to break out my camera more

   NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska - Thank God Admiral Sylvia Fox keeps her cell phone camera on ready alert all the time.
Father and son (photo by Sylvia Fox)
     Whenever I go to write one of these missives, I almost always ask if she has a photo of the event, incident, animal, person or place to illustrate my point.
     Case in point, a great series of visits with oldest son Jason Fitzgerald, now a resident of Minturn,
Colorado and still a girls volleyball coach at Battle Mountain High School in Edwards. We had a great visit one evening, followed by a trip to nearby Glenwood Springs the next morning.
     Then two days ago we got together in Minturn, walking the length of the town, even washing The Red Writer trailer at at car wash.
   How many photos did I take? One or two. How many of son Jason? You guessed it.
The Barford fire crew (Photo by Sylvia Fox)
     The same thing happened when we visited Hector amigos Ann and Paul Barford at their fabulous home in Golden Colorado. We had great shots of the firefighters who had tamped out a blaze in an adjacent forest-park.
     But Ann and Paul? You guessed it again.
   I did pull out my big-gun camera today when we hiked through Chief Hosa Park to check on a herd of bison.
     No joy on finding the huge mammals, but lots of good scenics and we spotted a cigarette butt obviously stamped out on right on a pile of dry pine needles -  in the middle of the park.
     Santo Crappo! The idiot that did that could have ignited a firestorm like the one that decimated Santa Rosa last year.
     The photo, sadly, is just a damned cigarette butt on the ground, hardly worth printing.

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