Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Finally out of space dock and on our way East

   SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The expression "a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step" was on my mind Monday when Adm. Fox and I rolled out of Point Richmond at 2:43 p.m. and hit Interstate 80 for points east.
     From the dateline, you'll notice the point where we landed was Sacramento where we are staying  at the home of Pam DiTomasso and Steve Lovotti, good friends for decades.
     There was a moment Monday when we considered simply waiting one more day before catapulting off on this trip. But we persisted.
The Red Writer at rest in from of Pam and Steve's house in Sacramento
     Ultimately, we were really glad we did. Daughter Anne Allen, granddaughters Sami and Kami Allen, and amigos Jen and Scott Noble all came to the house for a visit and to celebrate our launch. Great fun all around.
     The early stages of voyages like this always have their pitfalls.
     First, I neglected to sufficiently crank up the jack stand on the front of The Red Writer trailer. I was reminded of my error by a steep dip in the driveway right in front of our condo accompanied by a horrible scraping sound of metal-on-concrete.
One helluva speed bump stole the cap
     Second, in taking some familiar streets in the Fabulous 40s in Sacramento, I hit two speed bumps at a velocity waaaaaay beyond what's reasonable for a full-size Tundra pickup dragging a 15-foot trailer.
     When The Red Writer returned to Earth  from a big bounce, the plastic cap on the outside of the black water drain came off. The only evidence it ever existed is the safety cord hanging sadly.
     A Camping World store is about 18 miles from here and no doubt has a shelf full of replacements. I expect to buy a couple of spares in case I miss seeing the speed bump signs again.
     Those speed bumps also wreaked havoc on the interior of the trailer, sending the neatly folded bedding and cushions into such a melange it looked like someone had had a pillow fight.
     After Monday's pell-mell rush to get out of Point Richmond, the Admiral and I decided we will take today to regroup, repack, relax and rewind. I haven't been swimming in the Lovotti pool in years. We will be able to have a nice dinner with Pam and Steve. And a new blog by Sylvia (under construction at the moment) will be made ready for prime time.
Repacking the back of the Tundra is high on the priority list
     Moab and the Bears Ears National Monument lie ahead on the travel agenda along with stops in Santa Fe and ultimately, of course, Seneca Lake.

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