Sunday, June 17, 2018

Back at work in Nebraska, writing and researching

   ASHLAND, Nebraska - On our second day at the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park we settled in for a day of rest (in the sweltering heat) and also for me to do prep work for next week's Finger Lakes Times column.
Checking the wine list at Cellar 426 Wines and Vines
     The research for the piece - about the horrific Trumpian 'policy' of wresting children away from parents at the Mexican border - was sooooooo depressing that we decided to make a stop at Cellar 426 Wines & Vines facility just outside of town to soothe our nerves.
     I tried five different wines, all produced locally. And (drum roll please), they were all good.
Honestly. All good.
     Just as we got done with that errand, we had one of those amazing Midwest lightning storms roll through. We sat in The Red Writer trailer wondering when would happen should lightning decided to take a whack at us.
Making notes for a smokin' column
     In the middle of the storm son Dustin Fox called to wish me a happy father's day. And in that conversation he said something about how the trailer would act as a Faraday Cage or something should we be victims of a supercharged bolt of electricity from the sky.
     It was comforting, sort of. But it was even nicer when the storm moved off and the the temperature dropped 10-15 degrees.
     Another full day planned here tomorrow, starting with a morning spent drafting the FLT column for next Friday.
     It's past time to kick the four spineless GOP Congressmen representing the Finger Lakes squarely for their lack of morality, ethics, and basic sense of humanity.
     Cowards all they be. That's likely to be the nicest thing I say about them.

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